I hate desks. I hate desk jobs, well more the idea of being in one place for the majority of my life, which is why my desk is now mobile. There’s something about the minimalist style in work life that’s freeing. Being able to compress everything you do into a laptop, a handful of peripherals, and a single file folder is no small task. I do admit that I actually have four physical desks, two in Portland, and two in England which house lovely monitors. Working from home does require a desk, and so does working from the company offices. However, the ratio of how often I sit at them to the amount of work done varies wildly.

I give you an example, this last week I worked from home in Portland rather than from the office. I had every intention to actually go into the office, since I’m still kind of the new girl at this location. But after having my morning cup of tea and looking out my window to the trees that line my street, I picked up my laptop and hopped on the VPN for a quick check of what’s on the schedule. Three hours later I would be fully engrossed in a project; making phone calls, and getting shit done. By that point it was too late to break the workflow to actually go into the office.

At times when in the office, sitting at a desk is a block. The physical act of getting up and moving to a different space, such as a couch or a call box (yes, it’s a thing) can unblock a creative person. Taking physical action to change one’s mindset, or outlook on a problem leads to solutions and can have amazing results. I understand that many do not have the luxury of working from home, but if you are a creative, you have to take steps to unblock your creative chi. Do not tie yourself to a space, instead tie yourself to your creativity, where it flows—you will have success.

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