This is in context to a Female graphic designer.

So you’re dating a graphic designer.  Here are a few things you may want to get used to now…

What’s in her purse;

  • Wallet
  • Lip gloss
  • USB mouse
  • Various jell or macro pens
  • Moleskin notebook w/high possibility of a small triangle or ruler
  • Cell phone
  • Stylus

Work Habits:

All. The. time. Dotted with brief periods of soul inspiring activities including but not limited to: obsessive cooking, outside artistic activities (illustration/comics), long Netflix weekends,  the occasional outdoor excursions to museums, and an over exuberance when watching TED Talks.

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  • And just to be clear, this is a very broad assumption based on my own lifestyle habits. It may not be true for everyone. Hah.

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